Off-Grid Solar Systems

What Is Off-Grid Solar?

An off-grid system is not connected to the electricity grid and must be designed appropriately so that they will generate enough power to cater for days of poor weather conditions and in the depths of winter when there is generally much less sunlight. The high cost of batteries and off-grid inverters means off-grid systems are much more expensive but can be designed to run in conjunction with generators, and even to use generators to recharge the batteries. It is ideal for new or remote installations.


Advantages Of Off-Grid Solar

When your home does not have access to the grid, your next best option is to choose an off-grid system. It almost has the same system as the grid-tied but instead of having a grid to connect to, it stores electricity in a battery. Here are the advantages of this system:

1. A better option for homes with no access to the grid

Instead of having miles and miles of power lines installed in your home to have access to the grid, the off-grid option is better. It is cheaper than having the power lines installed while still providing almost the same reliability as a grid-tied system.

2. Your home becomes energy sufficient

Back in the day, if your home did not have access to the grid, there was no option for it to be energy sufficient. With the off-grid system, you can have electricity 24/7, thanks to the battery that stores it for you.

Having sufficient energy in your home adds a layer of security. Moreover, you will never be affected by power failures because you have a standalone source at home.

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