There’re tons of solar energy facts that you might have heard of before. But since I was discussing the number of benefits of solar power, I thought I might also write an important article about different facts about solar power. Hopefully, this’ll help to decide as to whether or not you’d get and install solar systems of your own in your home.

Solar energy has a long history

The potency to harness solar energy was first discovered in 1839 by Alexandre Edmond. He found how to make energy current in a conductor that was primarily hit by the sun, or photovoltaic effect. The making of modern silicon photovoltaic cells was done in 54 at Bell Labs. Since then, the effectiveness has increased more than 4 times, while the cost has reduced significantly.

Solar Energy is the most abundant power source on Earth

There is enough solar power hitting the earth each hour to meet all of the world’s energy needs for a complete year. Every lump of coal, every ounce of oil, and each cubic foot of natural gas could be left in the soil if only we’d capture 1 hour of the worth of solar power every year. That is the scale of the opportunity.

To place it into a different perspective, for example, if we covered the Mojave Desert with solar panels, it’d produce more than double as much electricity as the United States uses annually.

A solar energy system can last 40-45 years

When the solar energy system is installed, it is normally backed by a power purchase contract with a customer that lasts 20-25 years. But it does not mean such a system will be worthless after 2 decades. Not only will the solar panel system lasts 40 to 45 years, but the infrastructure around a solar energy system also has a huge value.

Solar energy panels could be replaced with new ones, more effective modules at relatively less price, therefore improving performance, but once a location is established and the infrastructure is built a solar energy system has an extremely long efficient lifespan.

It is 100 percent safe and renewable energy

Solar power is renewable. The sun has existed for about 4 billion years and has utilized about half of the hydrogen in its core. Experts expect the sun to stay alive and carry on shining for another five billion years, so we’ve plenty of time left to harness its power. The power supplied by the sun and transformed with solar power systems is 100 percent clean; it provides off no harmful toxins, unlike fossil fuels or nuclear energy, and homes with solar panel systems can become 100 percent self-sustaining.

Solar energy enhances world health

Burning fossil fuels creates toxin pollution that has a huge impact on worldwide health. This pollution affects as several as malaria and HIV and serious consequences on kids, older children, and all living animals and plants. Solar energy decreases the amount of fossil fuel utilized, meaning much less pollution is going into the air, and into our lungs.

Solar Energy Is Free and Clean

A solar energy source of electric power is reliable, renewable and does not need drilling or processing one hour of harnessed sunlight can produce enough power for the complete world for one year (as I mentioned earlier). You can imagine the reduction of air toxin and air pollution by using solar power. When you tap into the energy of the sun, you tap into clean and abundantly free energy.

Solar Energy Is Low Maintenance

Besides the first solar photovoltaic panel price, a solar energy panel system can also up to 40-45 years with no ongoing financial burden and extremely low maintenance. When backed up by a battery or a couple of batteries, the power made by renewable roofing solar energy panels can provide energy around the complete year. Stored power continues to give light and energy even after the sunset and on cloudy days.

Rural Areas Need Solar Energy

When looking at renewable energy facts, you find that only a very small percentage of worldwide electricity needs are being fulfilled. Today, millions of people live in areas that are isolated and don’t have access to a power grid. This is a travesty of rural locations that would advantage greatly by using solar energy. With renewable power sources, solar energy would provide much-needed power.

Solar energy Panels Create Power on an Atomic Level

Solar energy panels work by focusing on photons or beams of sunlight directly at atoms to kick the electric free which makes a flow of electricity. The renewable roofing solar panel system contains several small parts called photovoltaic cells that use lenses and mirrors to absorb and convert the energy. We measure solar energy by KW (1 KW = 1000W).

Solar energy is Growing in Demand

Solar energy is demand has risen 59 percent over the last ten years and it is projected to continue. Though solar system costs might look high during the primary setup, you can’t put a price on the benefits of solar energy versus fossil fuels. California boasts the planet’s largest solar energy plant that sits on over 1k acres in the Mojave Desert. The solar energy panels cost is much less when compared to the environmental advantages.

Solar energy can boost home values

A rooftop solar energy panel can increase your home’s value. Recent research published by the NBER found that when looking at the repeat sales information for homes in Sacramento County and San Diego, solar energy panels provided an average of 20,190 USD premiums to the final price. Unlike a kitchen remodeling or adding a spare space in your house, solar energy panels decrease your energy bills and continue generating value.

Forbes found that homeowners (on average) who installed rooftop solar panels recovered almost 97 percent of the investment before the saving from lowered power costs or net metering power buybacks is factored in. in comparison, remodeling a luxurious kitchen only nets about sixty percent of its investment costs.