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– Grid-Tied Systems

Solar PV (photovoltaic) roof-top, Grid-Tied systems are the most common type of solar PV installation around the world (93% of all PV systems are grid-tied). These systems do not store their energy in battery banks.

Electricity produced during the daytime by the sun is either used in the dwelling/building or directed back into the electricity grid, this puts your power usage into credit (i.e. Nett-Zero Energy Building).

These Roof-Top systems can either Reverse the utility meter or are designed for close to 100% Self-Consumption usage.

Grid-Tied systems effectively reduce or eliminate the KWh portion of the electricity bill, thereby reducing or eliminating this cost.

Typical Day-Time load type buildings (i.e. operate during day-time hours 7 am to 6 pm) can be reduced to Nett-Zero energy from the grid (Eskom) while other building types may only archive portion savings (10% to 90%), this being known as a Self-Consumption approach

The initial cost in Investing in this Technology is typically offset within a few years and the long term savings (30+ years) can be significant, with IRR’s 15% to 70%.

– Grid-Interactive Systems

Grid-interactive PV systems give users more choices and greater flexibility while increasing the level of reliability in deployments.

A Grid-Interactive system can bee seen as a combination of an Off-Grid system (with a battery bank) and a Grid-Tied system (uses the grid as backup and/or sell excess energy into the grid i.e. Nett-Metering).

Thus it is a Commercial Grid-Tied system with a battery bank installed to store some energy for later use or for back-up under grid-failure conditions.

The battery bank can typically be smaller than what is required in an off-grid system; sized to drive just the essential load(s) during a power outage, with the grid as a reliable backup energy source for bad weather days.

Grid-Interactive System in Commercial or Industrial Scale installations would be used to power essential or mission-critical loads (e.g. Computer server rooms, fridges, key-equipment) during grid-failures and/or would be used to reduce peak loads (i.e. Peak-Shaving), thereby reducing the KVA Load component of the electricity bill.

ISS are experienced grid-interactive PV system designers, suppliers, and installers.

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