Solar Energy – How Does It works

Solar power starts from the sun

Solar energy panels or PV panels are utilized to convert light from nature, which is composed of elements of energy called photons in energy that can be utilized to power electric power loads. Solar energy panels can be utilized a wide range of applications including remote energy systems for cabins, remote sensing, telecommunications equipment, and course for the production of energy by commercial and residential solar energy systems.

How does it work?

Have you ever looked at the solar energy panels on roofs and wondered rightly how and what they do? Well, those state of the art expanses shimmering glass is actually just 1 component in a complex network that harnesses the sun’s renewable power to deliver energy to the home within.

Let’s take an easy, step by step guide look at how does it work?

We entire think we know how solar energy panels generally work; sunlight hits a solar panel, something occurs, and then proof Outcomes of electricity power. But what exactly occurs in those times among when the sunlight hits the panel and when energy is produced?

The procedure is started at the molecular level when the sun hits a photovoltaic plate, which is a fancy word for a PV panel. Here is a simple to understand guide how it completely works.

The Science behind the Solar Energy Panels

  • ·         Photons are the Basis of All

Light is made of small packets of electromagnetic radiation. These are called photons. The sun continually emits photons traveling at the pace of light. 93m miles later, these packets reach the soil’s surface and shine upon a solar energy panel. Solar photons pass via, bounce off of, or are absorbed into the panel that leads us to our next part.

  • PV Panels are Comprised of Photovoltaic Cells

These are the electricity powerhouses of PV panels. They’re made or 2 wafer-thin sheets. 1 is positivity charged and 1 is negativity charged, as well as both, are made from a semiconductor such as silicon (an important part that is also in your PC and other gadgets). Consider of solar energy cell-like 2 sides of battery: 1 end is + and one end -, and once you connect them, they generate electrical power.

A PV panel contains several of these batteries like cells to exploit electricity generation.

  • Photons transfer power to Electrons in the Photovoltaic area

Once these are absorbed into a solar panel, they give up their power to the electrons orbiting around the particles of silicon. With this large energy, the electrons are knocked loose from these silicon particles. But energy still has not been generated so far! There is another step.

  • The Solar Cell makes a power using the Loose Electrons

When freed from silicon’s grasp, electrons then can travel along the semiconductor toward the conductive metal plates that line the solar energy cells. This makes an electric power and there you’ve had it: Solar energy!

How PV panels generate the energy that powers your space

Now that we have discussed how the energy generated from the natural light, let’s discuss how that power gets from our solar energy panels to your home.

  • PV panels produce direct energy of electricity

When electric power is generated in a solar system, it naturally flows in a straight direction. This is called DC or direct current, and it is utilized to power smaller products like your remote or any other battery-powered gadget.

Though, your house or businesses are powered by a different sort of energy flow: AC or alternating current. To utilize solar energy, DC must be transformed into AC energy and sent to your breaker! This process is done via a mechanism called an inverter.

  • How Solar energy Is Delivered

When the solar energy is converted to usable, AC (travelable medium), it is then transmitted across the city on high voltage power lines. Once that energy arrives at its destination (near the user), the energy goes via several steps down transformers until it reaches an appropriate voltage for your business or home! And you’ve it. Solar energy in a nutshell!

But what about when the sun does not shine or during cloudy time

The solar panel is great, but it only works when the sunlight is out. Well until now. Solar energy batteries are changing the complete game by make a way to utilize solar electricity when the sunlight is not shining or during the cloudy time. They essentially take the energy generated by a solar inverter and store it for later use.

It works in much the similar way the power batteries in your television remote work, but because the sort of power is a bit different it is taken until now to work out whole the knives. It is also taken a while to make a battery which is huge enough to power the average house but is available at a cost which is would not break the wallet.

The source is proud to have helped over 100k households decrease their carbon footprint by switching to the solar panel. Helping them take benefit of the new tech to generate power when they are at work during the time, and powering up their homes at dark time.

A few have been capable to generate enough stored power to export back to the grid and received credit on their energy bill. The solar inverter can convert the AC current to DC current to store it. Companies have chosen this process despite the inefficiency of investing the energy multiple times as it makes them a bit more compatible with virtually any inverter and can even be utilized without any solar energy panels.

Bottom line

Now that you understand the basics of solar energy, you can marvel at how to present’s a photovoltaic feature that can capture the vast power of the sun to manage a house. It might not be rocket science – but it certainly is human ingenuity at its best.

Interesting Solar Energy Facts

There’re tons of solar energy facts that you might have heard of before. But since I was discussing the number of benefits of solar power, I thought I might also write an important article about different facts about solar power. Hopefully, this’ll help to decide as to whether or not you’d get and install solar systems of your own in your home.

Solar energy has a long history

The potency to harness solar energy was first discovered in 1839 by Alexandre Edmond. He found how to make energy current in a conductor that was primarily hit by the sun, or photovoltaic effect. The making of modern silicon photovoltaic cells was done in 54 at Bell Labs. Since then, the effectiveness has increased more than 4 times, while the cost has reduced significantly.

Solar Energy is the most abundant power source on Earth

There is enough solar power hitting the earth each hour to meet all of the world’s energy needs for a complete year. Every lump of coal, every ounce of oil, and each cubic foot of natural gas could be left in the soil if only we’d capture 1 hour of the worth of solar power every year. That is the scale of the opportunity.

To place it into a different perspective, for example, if we covered the Mojave Desert with solar panels, it’d produce more than double as much electricity as the United States uses annually.

A solar energy system can last 40-45 years

When the solar energy system is installed, it is normally backed by a power purchase contract with a customer that lasts 20-25 years. But it does not mean such a system will be worthless after 2 decades. Not only will the solar panel system lasts 40 to 45 years, but the infrastructure around a solar energy system also has a huge value.

Solar energy panels could be replaced with new ones, more effective modules at relatively less price, therefore improving performance, but once a location is established and the infrastructure is built a solar energy system has an extremely long efficient lifespan.

It is 100 percent safe and renewable energy

Solar power is renewable. The sun has existed for about 4 billion years and has utilized about half of the hydrogen in its core. Experts expect the sun to stay alive and carry on shining for another five billion years, so we’ve plenty of time left to harness its power. The power supplied by the sun and transformed with solar power systems is 100 percent clean; it provides off no harmful toxins, unlike fossil fuels or nuclear energy, and homes with solar panel systems can become 100 percent self-sustaining.

Solar energy enhances world health

Burning fossil fuels creates toxin pollution that has a huge impact on worldwide health. This pollution affects as several as malaria and HIV and serious consequences on kids, older children, and all living animals and plants. Solar energy decreases the amount of fossil fuel utilized, meaning much less pollution is going into the air, and into our lungs.

Solar Energy Is Free and Clean

A solar energy source of electric power is reliable, renewable and does not need drilling or processing one hour of harnessed sunlight can produce enough power for the complete world for one year (as I mentioned earlier). You can imagine the reduction of air toxin and air pollution by using solar power. When you tap into the energy of the sun, you tap into clean and abundantly free energy.

Solar Energy Is Low Maintenance

Besides the first solar photovoltaic panel price, a solar energy panel system can also up to 40-45 years with no ongoing financial burden and extremely low maintenance. When backed up by a battery or a couple of batteries, the power made by renewable roofing solar energy panels can provide energy around the complete year. Stored power continues to give light and energy even after the sunset and on cloudy days.

Rural Areas Need Solar Energy

When looking at renewable energy facts, you find that only a very small percentage of worldwide electricity needs are being fulfilled. Today, millions of people live in areas that are isolated and don’t have access to a power grid. This is a travesty of rural locations that would advantage greatly by using solar energy. With renewable power sources, solar energy would provide much-needed power.

Solar energy Panels Create Power on an Atomic Level

Solar energy panels work by focusing on photons or beams of sunlight directly at atoms to kick the electric free which makes a flow of electricity. The renewable roofing solar panel system contains several small parts called photovoltaic cells that use lenses and mirrors to absorb and convert the energy. We measure solar energy by KW (1 KW = 1000W).

Solar energy is Growing in Demand

Solar energy is demand has risen 59 percent over the last ten years and it is projected to continue. Though solar system costs might look high during the primary setup, you can’t put a price on the benefits of solar energy versus fossil fuels. California boasts the planet’s largest solar energy plant that sits on over 1k acres in the Mojave Desert. The solar energy panels cost is much less when compared to the environmental advantages.

Solar energy can boost home values

A rooftop solar energy panel can increase your home’s value. Recent research published by the NBER found that when looking at the repeat sales information for homes in Sacramento County and San Diego, solar energy panels provided an average of 20,190 USD premiums to the final price. Unlike a kitchen remodeling or adding a spare space in your house, solar energy panels decrease your energy bills and continue generating value.

Forbes found that homeowners (on average) who installed rooftop solar panels recovered almost 97 percent of the investment before the saving from lowered power costs or net metering power buybacks is factored in. in comparison, remodeling a luxurious kitchen only nets about sixty percent of its investment costs.

Benefits of Solar Energy

Why Going Green Is Not Merely About Protecting the Surroundings

There’s no doubt that decreases pollution is one of the biggest benefits of using solar energy. You don’t need to be a fervent ecologist to understand the severity of the surrounding issues that affect our world now.

The pollution, fuel crisis, climate change, all the problems affect us a single way or the other. There’s no point in denying either their value or our major responsibility in maintaining and triggering them.

But the benefits don’t limit to environmental effects, though they’re amazingly relevant. There’re several other advantages of using solar panels that refer to costs, energy independence, or maintenance. Whether you’re interested in this way because of a profound environmental issue, or you’re more attracted to the idea of low price power and money-saving, going solar panels can prove to be a great smart idea.

But you’ll find a complete list containing the most relevant reasons, why using solar power is beneficial, so you can have a smoother image of the reason that makes it an attractive and viable option to fossil fuel power. With a bigger perspective than earlier, you might be capable to make a wiser and more valued decision.

Protecting the environment

There’s no secret in the truth that overexploitation earth’s non-renewable resources will eventually lead to their paucity, to extreme pollution, and higher costs. We can’t rely always on fossil fuels to make power, because this method will eventually disappear. On top of that, keeping to burn fossil fuels will lead to even huge pollution than now, and this’ll affect the climate and people’s health. Turning to a safe, clean, and renewable and healthy source of energy becomes imperative.

Solar energy is clean

Unlike fossil fuels, it’s not polluting. No unpleasant smells, no gas emissions, and no smoke – it’s completely clean. Considering the growing issue of the greenhouse effect and the climate changes it triggers, finding cleaners methods of power is the finest way to protect the environment and decrease the minus effects of fossil fuel power has on the climate. Selecting solar power over non-renewable power means more than simply protecting the environment. This means protecting ourselves and the generations to come. Fighting for a safe, healthy world implies stopping climate alterations, worldwide warming, and air pollution.

Solar energy is renewable

One of the key benefits is the fact that its a renewable source of energy that we can count on for billions of years from now. The sun will continue shining. Using its energy will not diminish it, just like in the case of fossil fuels. When the world will not be capable to count on fossil for power, the sun will still give enough power for the complete world.

Low costs

Certainly, solar power is environmentally friendly. But as we already described, once you install a solar energy system, you can enjoy almost free energy as long as the Sun is right on up in the sky. It is for every day, you do not have to pay for it. You can enjoy its advantages. While fossil fuel power is brought to you by different power suppliers you’ve to pay serious money to, nature’s energy is there for free.

Yes, the price of installing such technologies can prove to be a substantial investment, but in time, you’ll save a lot of energy and money. If you think long-lasting, the advantages are considerable. Fossil fuel power is costly, and you can see on that monthly energy bills.

It looks like each year’s energy prices boost and you’ve to pay more on the bills. It’s not convenient to continue like this. The cost-effective balance of fossil fuel power starts to lose its equilibrium in favor of the prices. Until when you’ll be capable to continue paying costly bills!

Looking at this method, abandoning fossil fuel power in favor of a low price type of energy is common sense. Relying on solar power, which is free, will lower energy bills to an affordable level. In case you select to produce all the energy your home needs using the power of the sun, you’ll save huge money on bills.

Very low maintenance costs

The maintenance of the costs of solar energy is easy and very cheap. After the initial investment in installing the solar panels, the chances of spending money on it’ll be quite limited. After you install solar panels, you’ll recuperate your investment in a couple of years, and you’ll be capable to enjoy its advantages sooner than you thought. When it comes to the long-lasting benefits of solar energy, cost-effectiveness differentiates this power source from the rest.

Solar energy is self-sufficient

The perspective of power independence is one of the most appealing facts to select this source of power. Depending on one more entity is forever frustrating for a human being who loves to have complete control over his life. Several times we’ve to endure power blackouts, accept growing prices, or wait for someone from the utility company to come to fix an issue of the power system.

Have you ever thought of the option of becoming a power independent? Having a home that gives all the power it needs by itself spares you the frustration of depending on several energy suppliers. Once your solar power system is capable to produce all the essential power, your home will become self-sufficient, your energy bills will lower, and you’ll have the certainty of the continually available source of power.

Solar energy is available everywhere

No matter how remote space where you live is, if the sun shines, your home will enjoy solar power. Among the several other benefits, the fact that it can provide power whatever it is needed is an enormous advantage. It’ll be capable to bring light to locations where energy lines can’t be installed.  A solar power system can be simply installed in any location. Hence, for people who’d like to build vacation homes in the mountains or other remote locations, it gives a viable solution.

6 Most Common Uses of Solar Energy

Solar power refers to radiant power that’s produced by the Nature (Sun). This is a completely clean and renewable energy source of power that can be converted to thermal heat (heat directly) or indirectly to electricity. The utilization of the solar energy system is encouraged in different parts of the world now.

A number of Governments offer incentives to promote the practice. In the United States, for instance, the use of solar energy is encouraged by the GOVT via tax credits and supporting research.

Solar Electricity

A commercial and residential building can utilize solar energy panels on the lawn or roof to capture the sun’s rays and transform them into electricity. A business or home can utilize solar energy as it’d typical power – for appliances, lights, data centers, computers, machinery, and more. A roof system with solar panels is often enough to achieve significant electricity bill savings and security and power independent, wealth building future.

Solar energy is a clean, renewable, and reliable sort of power. It doesn’t depend on the burning of gas, coal, or oil. It doesn’t spa the earth of vital resources or sends extremely harmful toxins into the climate. It simply makes utilize of a limitless store of power the sun makes available to us each day.

Utilizing solar power for transportation, heating lighting, battery charging, or electricity can decrease monthly energy bills, help save the environment, and put you in complete control of your energy prices for years to come. Investing in solar power is investing in the future.

Solar Ventilation

Ventilation solution of solar ventilation such as solar attic fans can decrease the burden of your HVAC by helping to cool your house during the summer. This might be a fine option if you’re not capable to install a Solar panel system that offsets your home or business’s entire energy use.

One innovative product is the solar power attic fan. Industrial and commercial appliances of solar energy process heat include solar power ventilation technologies that can preheat a building’s air in cold environments, decreasing power costs.

PV for Thermal Energy – Solar Heating

Several businesses and homeowners are not aware of the fact that they can warm their business and houses with water heaters powered by the sun as well as space heaters. These are extremely efficient and they do not need a bit amount of money to have them implemented. These heating sources can be active and passive. The passive system utilizes natural circulation and active systems utilize pumps to circulate water and produce heat.

Those who install thermal solar energy arrays on their roofs should expect about ten percent return with a system that expenses much less than complete solar panel installations.

This sort of energy has a big benefit when it comes to those who’ve pools because the swimming pools can be heated with a much cost efficient rate than the alternative of oil, coal, or gas heating pumps. A pool heated with solar energy heat simply uses a solar collector that takes power from the sun and then transforms that into heat. It then draws water via the collector and heats the water as it goes via the collector.

Use for Outdoor Lighting

Lights from solar energy can also be utilized for outdoor lighting. Each one would like to get home to some kind of walkway and security lighting at night. This lighting provides you a clean and clear view of keys and also allows you to see the walkway and entry door. It can also support to deter unwanted guests.

Solar energy lighting can also give light for your landscaping and other promotional features. Solar energy is utilized to charge the batteries during the day, and the energy in the batteries will provide you light at night.

Using Photovoltaic power for Transportation

Another key way people are starting to use the energy of the sun is via transportation which is powered by PV energy. PV power can be utilized for planes, buses, subways, cars, railroads, and yes, even roads. Solar energy transit is starting to become an extremely famous type of energy with a renewable power section of society.

Solar energy impulse 2 is a sun light-powered plane that flew around the globe and impressed several people who’re interested in using the power of nature. Solar energy buses can be found in China and it is a great step for China to decrease their carbon foot print and it is an efficient mass transit system which is working well in extremely populated areas in China such as Capital Beijing.  

As well all know, electric power cars and vehicles are a big thing now, and those that are solar powered are starting to make a huge impact on several countries around the world. There’s no question that solar power is starting to convert transportation all over the globe.

Portable Solar

In our connected globe, mobile phones and tablets are always with us and let us face it, often running less on battery life. Portable solar energy PV chargers can keep your electric products charged on the go. This technology already exists to combine solar cells into our mobile phones and have been in watches since the 70s. Researchers have been made water resistant, lightweight solar powered cells that could someday be sewed into clothing to power our gadgets.

In the bottom line, there’re several solar energy uses that homeowners can advantage from. There’ll be an initial cost needs, but then you can kick back and fully relax, and enjoy complete the advantages that come with this super clean renewable energy.

Today, solar energy is already becoming a more familiar part of busy lives, and innovations will continue to drive in new and modern applications of solar power technologies that will enhance our daily life and help power a clean and toxin-free world. How many more solar energy uses will there be in the future world? We’re excited to find out! Are you?

What to Expect from Solar Power for Homes

Years ago, solar power was used mostly for magnifying glasses and calculators. Now, it is already possible to use solar power for homes. The energy of the sun is widely available and scientists are improving solar power systems year after year. Electricity is a necessity and life will be quite hard without it. However, the fossil fuels are depleting and electricity is expensive. The use of fossil fuels also causes damage to the Earth, thereby causing global warming and other environmental problems.

Solar power for homes is a renewable and much better energy source. Many homeowners are going green these days because they want to save money and the environment. Despite the encouragement of the government and other organizations, only 1% of the total homeowners use solar power. If you’re in the US, why don’t you visit California? You can find many solar powered homes in California.

The energy of the sun can be used in different ways to create electricity. A very good example is the use of solar generators. The generator is powered with the use of mirrors that focus and reflect sunlight. When heat is created, the generator will be powered. Photovoltaic cells are also quite popular and these are available in solar panel DIY kits. The panels are usually mounted on rooftops. When sunlight hits the photovoltaic cells, electrical charge is created which in turn power homes and offices. You can purchase the kits from online stores or even in your local area. Just shop around for the best and highly effective panel kits; these kits already include guided instructions so that you can develop a homemade solar panel.

Ordinary homeowners still find solar power too expensive and that’s the main reason why many people still opt for conventional electricity. With the modern technology of today, scientists and researchers are looking for cost effective ways to offer solar power to the public. Did you know that you can also store the energy that comes from sunlight? This is true and so you can still use solar power even when there’s no sunlight. So whether it’s nighttime or it’s raining, you can use renewable and clean energy.

Solar cookers, thermal systems, and many others are excellent alternatives but you need to know how to use them effectively. The very first step that you need to take is to determine your monthly electrical consumption. You can do this by checking your electricity bills and get the average monthly usage. You also need to consider the weather or climate in your area. After determining your electric consumption, you can now decide on the appropriate inverter. A bigger inverter can accommodate expansion in the future. For people with limited resources or budget, you can start with the simplest projects like outdoor lights and garden features. Even if you use smaller solar panels, you can still cut down your electrical bills by 50%-80%.

Try to have realistic expectations when using solar power. You can’t give up conventional electricity completely but if you can use it together with solar power, you can save a lot of money in the long run. Make this one-time investment and enjoy lasting benefits in the coming months and years. Solar power for homes is an excellent investment and you too can enjoy a greener and clean lifestyle.