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Solar energy refers to capturing the energy from the Sun and subsequently converting it into electricity. We can also use the term solar power with the same meaning. The Sun’s energy is in the form of solar radiation. Solar radiation makes the production of solar electricity possible.

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About Innovative Solar Solutions

The team at Innovative Solar Solutions has been providing solar power and energy solutions for our customers over the past 5 years.

Previous projects and expertise include:

  • Hybrid Solar
  • Grid-Tied Solar
  • Full Off-Grid Solar
  • Backup Power
  • Energy Consulting Services
  • Energy Efficiency Solutions
  • Energy Audits & Reporting

We operate throughout South Africa, as well as into Sub-Saharan Africa.




We Specializes In

Residential Solar Solutions


Commercial Solar Solutions

Agricultural Solar Solutions

Need Finance ?

We will gladly assist you in getting finance. All you have to do is give us the required information and documents and we will do the rest. Guaranteed 100% confidential.

Questions You Should Be Asking

Do all products come with a warranty ?

We only use quality products with warranties from the manufacturer

Can my solar product be financed ?

Yes, we do not finance ourselves, but we do have options with institutions for finance, we will gladly assist and arrange on your behalf

Is my equipment protected against POWER SURGES ?

Yes, we install AC and DC surge protection on all our systems with additional fuses to ensure a safe system from any surges.

How will I know the system installed was the best option ?

We do a off-site evaluation of your needs to establish your needs, we also send a qualified consultant to your premises to do an on-site consultation in order to ensure you get the best suitable option

What if, we want to upgrade or extend our old or existing system ?

We will do an assessment and advise accordingly. Even if we did not install the product, we will gladly assist with any upgrades or repairs

What We Do

Off-Grid Solutions

The Farmer drilled a borehole. There was no electricity for the pumps. we installed an Off-Grid Solutions with battery backup.

Hybrid Solar Solutions

The owner was running his business from home and needed the servers and the building to have electricity all the time. With the Hybrid system, you have the best of both worlds.

Solar PV system that will operate in all weather

A 36-48kWhrs/day Off-grid solar power system hardware installation
for a client Deep in the Baviaan’s Klein Karoo, South Africa

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From Our Clients

We Believe is client satisfaction

“Our Household a family of 5, got tired of load shedding and a fully integrated system installed now make sure we can carry on as if load shedding does not exist and we save money on electricity.”

Paul Walker , Somerset West

“We as a funeral parlor always had stress when the power goes out, as we need our fridges to operate full time, with solution ISS supplied we will never stress again.”

Mr S Africa

MHH Funerals Kimberley

“We as a farm in a conservancy always have problems with electricity, after consulting with ISS, our wildlife will now always have water, due to the solar system. And no more cold showers”


Leeuwgedacht Conservancy

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